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Q & A

About recruitment

Can I apply with no experience or from a different industry?
It depends on the position,so please refer to the job descriptions for more information.
Do I need Japanese/English capability?
Some positions may be mandatory,please refer to the job descriptions.

Application and hiring process

What is the hiring process?
Application (Resume) screening → Interview (several interviews depends on jobs) → Offer → Join Vena
What kind of soft skills are you looking for?
The ability to take things from various viewpoints, the will to continue to grow, and the desire to take on new challenges are all important factors in our hiring process.

Work environment

What are the overtime hours?
It is 13 to 15 hours per month on average.
What is the company culture?
The organization has an open culture. Our office has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
Benefit system
We have GLTD program, Short term sick leave, Volunteer leave and Gym allowance etc.
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