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We want everyone thinking of applying for a position to know more about Vena Energy --
With this in mind, four members of the Human Resources / General Affairs Department, which is involved in the recruitment process, had a round-table talk.
In this section we will introduce the types of people who are working successfully at our company, the corporate culture nurtured in the multinational environment, and the important factors we focus on during the recruitment and selection process, and so on


  1. What is important is a mindset that allows you to enjoy "new experiences" and "changes"
  2. A sense of ownership and a sense of speed that support "rapid growth"
  3. Flat and airy organizational culture
  4. Reasons to click a skill match just for the skil
  5. Message to job seekers

The key is a mindset ready to enjoy "new experience" and "change"

First of all, what kind of mindset or abilities do people who are successfully working at Vena Energy have?

NN"Energy" "Empower" "Edge" "Execution" "Expertise" and "External Focus." These are what we call "6E" which Vena Energy has set forth as the core values the company expects from its employees. How to interpret these short words is partly left to the sensibilities of the employees, but when we think of the talents who are working successfully in each of our departments, so many of them do demonstrate 6E.

HHWe do not proactively communicate 6E outside the company but always introduce this concept to new employees during their induction sessions after joining the company.

NNThat's right. From these six words, I feel that what is expected of us is an attitude of getting others involved to move things forward, an aspiration to further brush up the expertise that we have accumulated, courage to tackle difficult tasks to achieve goals, flexibility to think about things from different perspectives, and a stance to take the initiative and try new things.

YYA complementary phrase is set for each of the 6E’s. For example, "Energy" comes with "Creates a buzz." I feel that these also represent the characteristics of Vena Energy. I understand it as "'Engagement' or let's do a job that others would be interested in," and actually there are many cases where this company takes a bold step and takes on a challenging project, which is a tough act for other companies to follow.

SSVena Energy is a company that is growing rapidly right now in the newly-born market of renewable energy. Because we are focusing on "how we can grow our business fast," I think there are many situations that require us to take on a variety of challenges. Therefore, I believe that the "mindset ready to enjoy changes and challenges" is more important than the "excellence in doing things properly according to a fixed process."

I think the global environment, where talents from around the world work together, is another characteristic of the company. What do you think about this point?

SSAs you say, 25% to 30% of our staff are foreign nationals. We are a company of people who have built up their careers in a wide variety of cultures including western countries, Asia, and the Pacific region, thus a lot of our staff are very flexible and eager to take on new challenges.

HH I also feel that being able to enjoy a global environment is an important factor to work successfully at this company. I think this company would be a truly exciting workplace for those who can flexibly absorb diverse ideas and perspectives and adopt good ones without hesitation.


Sense of ownership and speed that support its "rapid growth"

What do you think are the reasons or secrets that enable Vena Energy to achieve rapid growth?

NN If I were to give one thing, I would say the "unquestioning sense of ownership" that we can feel from each and every employee. The vast majority of our staff never think "someone else would do it" and rather take everything as part of their own responsibility. I think this kind of positive attitude is leading to the rapid growth of the organization as a whole.

YYSince we are a group of people who have intentionally chosen "renewable energy" from among a variety of industries, everyone is highly conscious of matters such as environmental issues and contributions to the society. I always feel that, while achieving rapid growth, people here are working not only for our own interests but also for the communities and societies that let us build power plants.

SSOur business model is based on the concept of launching a project from scratch, taking care of it in-house even after the commencement of commercial operations, and continuing business that takes root in the community and makes strong social contributions. Since it is also a business that involves development in the natural environment and affects the local landscape, it is of course also essential to work responsibly for local residents and earn their trust. I believe this theme of "continuity" has resulted in the sense of responsibility among employees, and in turn, become a strength of Vena Energy.

In addition to the sense of ownership and responsibility, is there any other aspect where you see differences from others or strengths of the company?

HHWhat I feel everyday is that the speed of judgement of my boss is very fast. I do not feel distant from my boss thus if something happens, I can consult with her right away and get her answer right away. I appreciate this very much.

YYThe speed is certainly different. I participate in various meetings as an interpreter and often see situations where even big decisions affecting business management or operations are made quickly on the spot. When the company faces a major challenge, it does not stick to the original plan and makes a logical decision to quickly switch to "Plan B." I believe this ability to make a bold decision fast is also its major strength.

SSThere are even cases where, despite the fact that Plan A, B or C are originally considered, we end up choosing Plan D. However, even in such cases, it is not a mere impulsive top-down decision. Because global talents who have developed different experiences and skills get together to bring and brush up ideas for "what we should do to achieve the ultimate goal," we can generate "Plan D" that is normally inconceivable. This is also our strength and may be an interesting aspect as well.


Flat organizational culture where we can casually talk to even our CEO

What impressions do you all have of Vena Energy's corporate atmosphere or culture?

NNAfter joining the company as a mid-career recruit, the first thing I felt was a climate in which we can communicate with one another regardless of job title or department.

YYThat’s true, the organization is truly flat and has a casual atmosphere. There is no such thing as the president's office. I was surprised when our country head Juan-san quite naturally talked to me in the office saying "How's your job?"

SSWe hardly feel a hierarchical relationship, nor any barriers between different companies within the group. When there are some commonalities between the work of two people, without being tied to unnecessary legacy, they talk to each other on an equal footing across the boundaries of companies and departments, bringing together each other's specialties and expertise, which I find interesting.

HHPreviously the wind team and solar team were located on different floors of a same building, but we moved our office in September 2020 and now both teams are on the same floor thus they are communicating with each other even more actively than before.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection, have there been changes in interactions among employees or their ways of working?

SSRight before the government's declaration of a state of emergency, all employees had shifted to work from home as a general rule. Currently, employees can choose by themselves whether to work from home or in the office, depending on the progress of each project. At the time of office relocation, we designed the new office in a way that each person can have wider space, partly for the purpose of preventing infection. We have also created rooms for employees to concentrate on their work, so they are interested in such new features and now more people are coming to the office. Actually, H-san was also involved in this office relocation project and worked on it with us.

HHYes, I was. For me, office relocation itself was a type of work I had never done before. There was a fixed deadline, of course, and it was also such a large-scale relocation that I would not have many chances to get involved, so I felt nervous at the beginning. Nevertheless, my boss provided me with close guidance and assistance so I was able to proceed without any trouble, which allowed me to grow as human resources and general affairs personnel.


Reasons why the company cares not only about the skillset but also fit with the culture

Please also tell us about your hiring process. I think you are, so to speak, "antecessors of mid-career recruits" from the applicants' perspective. Do you remember anything particular about the process such as interviews?

NNWhat I remember well is that I was asked "What do you want to achieve in this company?" quite deeply. I was asked not only about what I wanted to do immediately after joining the company, but also "What do you want to do after that? How do you see your future?" and we talked about future steps too as if it was a career development meeting. The interview made me feel that the company does want its employees to aim high.

HHI felt "this company is very frank" even during the interview stage. It was impressive that the interviewer asked me to share my own opinions many times, like "What do you think about this?" rather than unilaterally checking my background, in an easy-to-talk atmosphere. In fact, those who are able to express their opinions are the ones who are successful here after joining the company, so I guess the company tried to evaluate that aspect through the interview.

YYIn my case, since I joined the company in a specialized position as an interpreter, at the beginning I was asked deeply about my skills and experiences up until then. But not only that, even from the stage of the first interview, the interviewer took time to explain the trends in the renewable energy sector and the business operations and missions of Vena Energy in details. I felt that the company is looking for people who not only have a skillset that matches the position but also are genuinely interested in and conscious about renewable energy and global environmental issues and sympathize with the company.

SSAs Y-san says, at the first interview managers in each department mainly focus on the level of experiences and skills related to the candidate's position, but at the following interviews with the head of each business unit or equivalent personnel, we always check whether the candidate is compatible with the philosophy of the team and our corporate culture. No matter how competent the person may be, if the corporate color does not fit him then he cannot enjoy working here, and both sides would end up being unhappy. I think the fit with the culture is essential.


Message to job seekers

NNYour willingness to take on the challenge of entering a new industry with courage is what could lead to success at our company. Opportunities to be involved in various projects are awaiting, so please gain new knowledge and utilize it in the field of renewable energy. Let's work together to realize a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society.

YYVena Energy is a company that is constantly changing, with strong momentum in both its business and its employees. I would not say working here is easy, but there is no awkward human relationship to worry about and there are many occasions that make you feel a sense of fulfillment, so it is truly an enjoyable experience to work here. If you want to grow in a pleasant working environment, I would very much recommend you consider applying.

HHMany of the management members have cheerful characters and they are very close to us, so I don't think you will face difficulties handling human relationships. New projects are coming in one after another, and I believe it is also a feature of the company that it keeps moving without ever standing still. I would be happy if I could work with someone who sees this environment as an opportunity and can take on every challenge with an aspiration to grow further.

SSAfter joining the company, I myself have been trying innovative recruitment methods that I had never experienced before. Since I came here, I have learned a lot, and this company has taught me "No matter how much experience I accumulate, I can still take on new challenges." I am sure this is the same regardless of what you do, such as project management, construction, and so on. If you feel "I want to take on new challenges" "I want to open up a new world" I would very much like you to join us.

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