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Doing a job that contributes to Japan and the world, in an environment that welcomes challenges

Moved from the building construction industry to the world of renewable energy, looking ahead to the future

I moved to New Zealand with my family when I was five years old. After graduating from a local university, I built up my career as a structural engineer for constructions such as earthquake-resistance construction.

Meanwhile, I have been interested in various social issues ever since I was a student and paying particular attention to "countermeasures against global warming." What are the initiatives needed to resolve this global challenge and build a clean society? The answer I reached was the "energy industry reform."

If I can contribute to the spread of renewable energy, I can benefit the world, and since this industry is a field with a promising future, I should also be able to keep advancing my career on a permanent basis. This is what I thought and I first studied at a Japanese graduate school and completed a master's course in energy sciences, and after that I became a member of Vena Energy in 2019, taking a new step forward.

The reason why I became interested in this company was that it is a Japanese subsidiary of a foreign-affiliated energy company. I thought it was an ideal workplace for me, who grew up in New Zealand and was aiming to make a step upward in Japan. In addition, there were many large-scale projects in progress and I was able to expect a challenging and worthwhile environment, which was also a key point for me to decide on joining the company.


Tackled the challenge of designing an 18-megawatt plant in one month after joining the company


The in-house activity I planned by myself has turned into a global initiative

Opportunities for pushing our boundaries are not limited to our respective main job. In my case, for example, I wanted to increase opportunities for knowledge sharing among employees thus consulted with my boss. I launched a side project called "Vena Academy" and have been tackling the challenge of planning and operating it.

In this initiative, we set a theme every month such as "Leadership" "Project Finance" etc. and ask experts from within the company to give lectures. Such lectures are provided on-line and all employees can freely participate. This initiative is highly evaluated also by our head office in Singapore and has now evolved into a global initiative with more than 200 participants. The company is open to accept such ideas from its employees and thus we can realize them one after another, which I think is another real thrill of working at Vena Energy.

My current objective is to improve management skills so that each member can smoothly and comfortably play his/her role and succeed. In the future, I would like to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, not only in developed countries but also in developing countries, by engaging in planning and development of energy policies through international organizations.

I believe that Vena Energy is a workplace where we can accumulate valuable experiences that would allow us to envision such future. The company is highly conscious of the importance of work-life balance as well, thus it is a workplace that I can truly recommend to those who want to have both a fulfilling career and fulfilling life.


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