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Being able to handle engineering, procurement, and construction of power plants in-house is our strength

Hoping to leverage my experience in the renewable energy industry at a higher stage

After starting my career at a major Spanish gas/oil company, I moved to the solar power generation market because of my interest in global environmental issues. I have been accumulating experiences in this industry for more than a decade.

Before joining Vena Energy, I had been involved in power plant constructions in various parts of the country as a project director working for an International company established in Japan. I wanted to take advantage of these experiences to move on to the next step and take on even greater challenges than I had before, so I chose Vena Energy as my next stage.

Vena Energy is one of the most recognized players in the Japanese solar power generation market. I had often heard that "its Singapore head office has the largest business in the Asia-Pacific region as an the leading pure renewable energy Independent Power Producers (IPP) " "its project portfolio in Japan is one of the best both in quality and quantity" and so on.

Another key factor was that I had the opportunity to get to know one of the employees of the company when I was thinking about changing my job. I heard from this person in detail about the great talent the company has attracted and the flexible corporate culture which is eager to take on new challenges, and felt "it is exactly the environment I am looking for." It was not a difficult decision for me to decide to join the company.


Reasons why Vena Energy can take up projects that are quite difficult


Pursuing my career potential, taking full advantage of the global environment

There are many other unique aspects that make the company worthwhile to work for. Among them is the environment where multinational colleagues are working together, which is really amazing. For example, my team consists of members from three countries: Japan, Spain, and the United States. If we look at the Construction Management team, engineers from countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey,… are working successfully. The time we spend here, aiming for one goal together with talented people from all over the world bringing in different cultures and ideas, is always exciting.

My objective now is to work together with these talented colleagues to bring all the projects I am currently involved with to success. In addition, as the Vena Energy group has broad operations across the Asia-Pacific region, I would not be just dreaming when I envision a future career plan to work at different local offices and get involved in projects in each country.

As such, being able to pursue all kinds of possibilities is another appeal that this company has to offer, because it is a company in the growth phase. Since there are many projects in the pipeline, we have just so many opportunities to utilize respective capabilities and grow. There are times when things get quite hectic, but we have a good employee welfare program focused on work-life balance and a comfortable office environment to work in, so there is no need for those who are going to join us to worry. If you wish to have a fulfilling life and make a step upward, please jump in and join us.


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