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With a global mindset, take on the bold challenge of unprecedented projects

To undertake work that would have been difficult to do in a consultant capacity

I worked in project finance for a water utility company before moving into consultancy where I performed financial modelling for consulting firms in Japan and Chile.

At that time, our clients were mainly from the infrastructure industry, such as civil engineering and energy. Especially in Chile, with its large desert and long coastline, renewable energy such as solar and wind power were developing rapidly. I was fascinated by this business, which supports people's lifelines, has a prosperous future and is also environmentally friendly. However, as a consultant, I could only be involved in one aspect of a project. I wanted to take my involvement one step deeper and more comprehensive, so I chose Vena Energy, an independent renewable energy power producer (IPP), as my next step.

The development of renewable energy is a global interest, yet the Japanese market has only been in existence for about 10 years, and I felt that there were many opportunities unparalleled in the world. In addition, I could sense the sincerity of the company's selection process, which allowed me to participate remotely from Chile and included practical tests to assess financial modelling skills and thinking, rather than just looking at work history. I felt that this attitude must be reflected in the way the company deals with business and human resources, which was also crucial in my decision to join the company.


'Try First' culture, even for unprecedented projects


Cosmopolitan environment that accelerates growth

A new and rewarding aspect of my job these days is to train Investment Team members and guide them to success. The team is made up of an international mix of people from Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, France, Indonesia and the Philippines, with a variety of backgrounds, including former bankers, former consultants and people with private equity experience. At the same time, they all have one thing in common: they are highly motivated to grow. In fact, they are always sharing their expertise with each other in the office, fostering a pleasant relationship.

There are also plenty of opportunities to join project teams in other countries on the initiative of the Head Officer of the Investment Team at the Singapore head office. I myself recently travelled to South Korea to participate in a wind power auction project as part of the local team. As such, it should be an attractive place to work for those who want to gain a wide range of experience with a global mind-set.

The renewable energy industry is changing at breakneck speed, with interesting business models such as Corporate PPA, where companies and municipalities purchase renewable energy directly from power producers. My goal for the future is to research and analyze these new mechanisms for business development, and to actively provide my team members with opportunities to take on challenges that will lead to their growth.

Future joiners will also thrive if you have a background in finance and an interest and curiosity in renewable energy and enjoy challenges and adventures. We look forward to growing with you.


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