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About Us

About the company

Vena Energy is leading independent power producer (IPP) of renewable energy developer with 20 offices in 9 countries in the Asia Pacific. We manage the development, design, procurement, construction management and operation of all its projects.

We are producing over 11-gigawatts in operation, construction, shovel-ready, and development stages. Headquartered in Singapore, and with presence in Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, Vena Energy’s portfolio consists of solar, wind and battery energy storage system assets with more than 600 professionals.

We believe sustainability is about working together with diverse stakeholders for a better world and future. For families in rural communities and small towns where many of our projects are located, our projects are an opportunity for the next generation to stay and work a job in the place where they grew up.


As leading independent power producer (IPP) of renewable energy developer in the Asia-Pacific region, Vena Energy’s corporate mission is to contribute to the fight against climate change and depletion of natural resources by accelerating the penetration of wind and solar generation in the Asia Pacific energy mix.

These are the roots of our organisation.

The three colours of our corporate colours stand for land, sea and sky, signifying our commitment to maintaining a sustainable environment as we live on this planet.
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Vena Energy. We aim to be a leading company in accelerating the transition to renewable energy in the Asia Pacific region and are committed to generating renewable energy that contributes to local economies and communities and creates a more prosperous environment.

Get to know Vena Energy

Get to know Vena Energy
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